Tea and Scripture

IMG_4772I taught Wednesday night religious education two years ago, but I needed last year to write my thesis. When I heard the announcement at church that more high school catechist were needed, it tugged on my heart. That wasn’t enough to get me to call. I spend every day with high schoolers. I’d have to be crazy to sign up for more. Call me crazy.

It was only a few days later when the director of religious ed called and asked if I would be willing to teach sophomore scripture every other Wednesday night for two hours.

Want to know one of the reasons I accepted? I have a desire to know more about scripture, and teaching it will require me to study up. We fly through the lessons in order to make it through the curriculum within the year, but I know I’ll be teaching myself just as much, if not more, than I’m teaching my sophomores.

As I came home tonight and passed up my papers that need grading for the Bible and a book on scripture, it felt good. I had to laugh when I noticed the brand of my herbal tea alongside: Simply Balanced. I’m living it, and it feels great!



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