Comedian Brooks Wheelan

IMG_4767Last night, John and I met up with our friends Sara and Mike to attend Brooks Wheelan’s comedy show in downtown Iowa City. We purchased tickets weeks ago, thankfully. It was a sold-out show. Add that to the fact that Iowa City was hopping after the Iowa/Iowa State game, and you’ll begin to picture the wild crowds.

If you watched Saturday Night Live last year, you’ll recognize Brooks. However, he was let go after his first season, and he is now making a living doing stand-up around the country. He was on Conan last week, but the material we saw last night was so much better.

Originally from Manchester (he was a year younger than me in school), the hometown of Sara, myself, and John, his jokes were more than relatable. They were spot on! Combine this with jokes most appreciated by our age group, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever see a better comedy show. It was THAT funny! From jokes about Goosebump books and Harry Potter to SNL pitches that were never used, I had a stomachache from laughing when we left.

Keep your eye on Brooks. He’s bound to do hilarious things in the entertainment business.


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