Lucky Number Seven

Students roll in tomorrow signifying the start to my SEVENTH year teaching.

As my coworkers and I tossed around the number of years we’ve been teaching during in-service last week, the topic of “the seven year itch” was continuously mentioned. This term is associated with marriages most often, but some believe it can be applied to career commitments. While this phrase has yet to relate to me, a number of my teacher friends and I started the same year, so it was an interesting point of view.

Fast forward to a text message from my dad this morning reminding me of “lucky number seven”, and it’s all about perspective. If you don’t have time to read this book I mentioned a few weeks ago, just spend time with my dad. He has the power of perspective.

I’m taking his approach for year seven. I have new ideas. I have new energy. Combine the two, and seven is set to be a success.


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