How Summer was Meant to be Spent

IMG_4626Today is my last day of summer vacation. Nine weeks did exactly what summer is supposed to accomplish for a teacher. It gave me time to slow down, rearrange my priorities, and return more refreshed.

I spent part of each day free reading for the purpose of enjoyment, spiritual growth, or knowledge for my classroom. More miles were racked up on my shoes than my car most weeks. Time with friends near and far every week kept my schedule just full enough to never get bored. Trips to Boston, Milwaukee, and Chicago helped me suppress the travel bug. Mornings on my front porch helped me keep my relationship with God open, even without eight bells a day reminding me to stop and pray. Evening dinners on the deck with my husband across the table reminded me of the gift I have been given as a wife.

As the inservice schedule arrived in the mail and e-mails seem to be flying in, it would be easy to be overwhelmed. I’m not. The summer did just was it was meant to do, and I’m happy. It’s going to be a great school year!


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