Beyonce and Jay Z

Two and a half hours of non-stop Beyonce and Jay Z. They covered forty-two songs. Singing a few songs together here and there before one would take off for a costume change, it was the best entertainment I’ve ever seen. They ended the night at a smaller stage in the center of the arena singing Young Forever while highlights of their life together, including their wedding and home videos of Blue Ivy played on the large stage screens.

I had high expectations for Jay Z, and he surpassed them. His energy was not something I expected. He engaged the crowd and carried the enthusiasm. Beyonce seemed to stick to her script but her vocals combined with those dance moves didn’t need anything else. The talent of these two is out of this world.

Our seats were high, but you have to watch the videos just to hear the incredible vocals in this duo. We didn’t find out until the next day that we were in good company with the First Lady and two daughters in attendance. Nothing but love for Bey and Jay.


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