Girls’ Getaway

20140716-092727-34047765.jpgThe trip to Milwaukee was set with the purpose to meet three-week-old Alaina and catch up with Lisa while she was still on maternity leave. Katie and I took advantage of a teacher’s summer schedule and booked a hotel downtown for a fun night away. Making the most of our time, we were on the road early enough to have lunch with Lisa in Milwaukee before an afternoon of shopping. Although we were all more interested in catching up with each other than the summer sales, Milwaukee offers a great outdoor mall that allowed us to have lunch on an upper deck and take full advantage of the cool summer temps.

20140716-092723-34043228.jpgHeading back to Lisa’s apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, we enjoyed lots of snuggling with Alaina while her big bother entertained us. If Alaina didn’t look just like her older brother, I might wonder if this super-mom really gave birth just three weeks ago. What a beautiful family you have, Lisa!

After hanging out with the kiddos, Katie and I checked in at our hotel downtown and enjoyed the rooftop patio bar. Maybe it was the weather, the company, the Milwaukee beer…who knows. But it was absolutely perfect! Lisa picked us up
and introduced us to delicious eating and drinking downtown for the night.

20140716-092729-34049408.jpgComplete with a morning run around Lake Michigan followed by breakfast and more snuggles from Alaina, the trip was ideal.

I’m beginning to understand how incredible a summer without graduate classes can be for the teacher’s heart and soul. It’s a beautiful gift!

Thanks for the summer getaway, friends!


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