My Sanctuary Experience

20140713-170652-61612715.jpgMy sister-in-law gave me the perfect gift for my graduation: A Sanctuary Spa gift card. They offer a variety of services, but I chose a 60-min massage. It was incredible!

Located in a brand new building, every part about this experience was relaxing. From the warm colors and decor to the complimentary beverage upon arrival, I recommend this spa experience to everyone!

After placing my drink request from their menu (pink lemonade with Malibu rum) I was directed to the relaxation room. Soft music, comfortable furniture, and dim lighting allowed me to fully forget about the outside world. After spending some time in this quiet atmosphere, my massage therapist offered a complimentary hand or foot massage before we entered the individualized massage room for the full experience. I opted for the foot massage. I was already impressed at this point.

The full massage experience was perfect. I had some areas I didn’t even know were sore (from running) until she began to work the muscles. What a perfect gift! The next time I go I’m bringing John for a couple’s massage. If you’re looking for a massage experience for yourself or a gift for someone else, I recommend Sanctuary Spa.

Where is your favorite spa retreat?


2 thoughts on “My Sanctuary Experience

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I feel like it’s worth every penny and if I could treat myself like that monthly, I totally would 🙂

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