On The Run Tour

beyonce-jay-z-2014-tour-tickets-pre-sale-on-the-run-tour-dates-480x0If you’ve been following my blog or are familiar with my music preferences, you know Jay Z tops the list. John owns every single CD proudly stored in a Jay Z only carrying case. Through John’s love, I’ve taken this rap music and used it for getting pumped up for long runs and even pushing through painful miles. It’s my favorite running music.

I’m giddy about our recent purchase of Jay Z and Beyonce tickets! We’ll see these two perform at Soldier Field in Chicago in a few weeks. I convinced John that it seemed necessary he take some time off work to make this happen since he’s responsible for my love for genius lyrics. However, he had to convince me it was worth the price tag. As for performing with Beyonce, we couldn’t ask for two better names on the ticket. In case you wonder what will be playing in our vehicles the next few weeks..all Jay and Bey! “Who gunna stop us?”


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