“Say Cheese”

My siblings and I purchased a family photo session as a Christmas gift to my parents from a photographer in our hometown. This was the perfect gift for my parents who never give us any ideas for holiday shopping. With two weddings in the last four years, all of our family photos are very formal. This weekend’s session allowed for a relaxed look.

10449932_486685501461525_8375982937821968884_nHere is a sneak peek from the back of her camera. She took over 300 photos in various locations around town, and I’m anxious to see the edited proofs.

Since photographers are very picky about what time of day photos need to be taken for perfect lighting, and spring and fall months get booked really fast, scheduling can be a nightmare. Not to mention, it’s expensive. However, last night’s session was a reminder to splurge more often and leave it up to the professionals! If you’re looking for an out of the box gift idea, this was a winner that will document the gift of family for years to come.


5 thoughts on ““Say Cheese”

  1. I love it!! We did this for my parents’ 30th anniversary three years ago….needless to say, our family has grown by three more grand kids and a fiancée in that amount of time! We need an updated one very badly!! Juding by that cute baby bump Ashley is rockin, you’ll need to update sooner rather than later as well! 😉

    Good lookin group!!

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