Season three of Sandal is on Netflix and more intense than ever. There are shows I like to watch while I work on other things around the house. This isn’t an option for Scandal viewers because it is fast paced and intense. It captures the viewer’s attention and doesn’t let anyone turn away until “it’s handled”. If you’ve never seen this show, Bill Cosby says it best…



4 thoughts on “Scandal

  1. I didn’t watch the first two, but it was fairly easy to catch up (I think, I am sure I am missing some back story that will pop up again!). Such a great show!! (I love when Scott Foley comes on, he gets better looking with each show! Daaaang!!!) 😉

    • I think Seasons 3 had more back story than the other two combined. You picked a good time to jump in! Scott Foley, yes! I also watch for Kerry Washington’s powerful wardrobe. I love it!

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