Bloom Bright

IMG_3986When we were in Phoenix I was in awe of the beautiful flowers around our resort. I knew they looked extra beautiful since inches of snow covered our porches and decks back home. However, I made a promise to John that I would spend more money on flowers this year for around our home. In other years I’ve found it hard to justify dropping much money on something I might not be able to keep alive for more than a week or two. This usually means I fill one pot with flowers to look welcoming, but that’s about the extent of it. Not this year!

Being amongst the gorgeous desert flowers in Arizona made me realize how happy the colors 20140603-214158-78118383.jpgand variety of flowers make me. Since Iowa’s springs and summers feel too short, I didn’t hold back this year filling my front porch with color and green plants. Come fall, I’ll add mums to the collection for even more variety.

Since I can’t live somewhere tropical, I’ll bring the beauty to my own home. Now if only a palm tree would stay alive in our yard…



2 thoughts on “Bloom Bright

  1. I’ve always planted quite a few flowers because it always reminds me of my grandma. 🙂 I didn’t last year because I was in the throes of a new baby. I did it this year, at first for real estate purposes, but now, when I drive up after a long day at school, it’s like an instant pick-me-up! I like the colors you chose! 🙂

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