Running: The Mental Sport

The Sunburst Marathon at Notre Dame is this weekend. It is always scheduled around the ND alumni reunion. I knew my dad would make the trip to South Bend this weekend to celebrate his 40-year reunion, so the Sunburst Marathon was on my mind before Christmas. After some research, GO! St. Louis just worked out better and offered me a new route in a city I hadn’t visited in years.

e4b6a6715f38d9b46ded09b125c02815As I viewed Sunburst Instagram photos of the Expo and runners picking up their gear for tomorrow’s race, I was so thankful to have the marathon behind me. I said to John, “There is no way I could have ran that race tomorrow.” Then I realized people say time and time again that they could “never” run a half marathon or a marathon. I remember saying “I could never run that twice” after my first half marathon in Des Moines. Meaning, I never thought I could accomplish 26.2 when 13.1 felt difficult. When I said, “never” today, it was a good reminder that running is more mental than physical. If I would have picked the marathon this weekend, I would have been ready. Accomplishing a distance starts with the decision to try and continues with the decision not to give up, regardless of if your legs and lungs ache in between those decisions. “Never say Never!”


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