“Everybody’s Got Something”

RobinAfter Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts beat breast cancer, she announced just five years later that she was suffering from MDS, a bone marrow disease resulting from her chemotherapy. Her emotions in the first 100 pages of the book had me hooked. She felt guilty for being sick. She was upset that she had to be “that” friend who had issues. She put her chin up and went about her daily obligations without telling a soul until absolutely necessary, even though her life expectancy with MDS was under two years.

I checked out the book from the library, but I wish I had bought it. There were areas I wanted to highlight. “Make your mess your message” was the underlying theme of the book. Roberts explains she had to keep her illness a secret because of her high profile life, but goes on to say there is no award for fighting an illness quietly. Reach out. Her honesty was refreshing.

Throughout the book her journalism assignments are intertwined with her battle. I enjoyed the behind the scenes look into her life as a journalist. Her 3:45 a.m. wake up calls for GMA and her history making White House interview with President Obama about gay marriage were highlighted. The book made the anchor on GMA, the individual I listen to while drinking my morning coffee all summer, a real person with real, raw emotions worth sharing. Fighting more than a battle of illness, Robin’s book is a story of her faith life that brings her through another battle.


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