Grandpa Schultz

SchultzFamilyThis week included a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. Wednesday was spent going through photos and making boards for the visitation service. The day was positive and exactly what every person should want when they pass. The simplicity of family gathering around and telling stories, some I’d never heard before, was a beautiful part of the grieving process. I’m blessed I live close enough to have experienced that day.

As for the visitation and funeral, after 91 years, it was a day of celebrating grandpa’s life with family and friends. In prayer we gathered. Leave it to my dad to bring the room to tears with his thoughtful “Gentle Giant” reflection, “thanks a million”.

Tears fell down my cheeks at the cemetery on Friday afternoon as we buried my grandpa, but they were tears of thanks. I looked at my mom and her siblings embracing each other and was overwhelmed with love. I looked out to my brothers, cousins, and husband honoring my grandpa by carrying his casket and just felt blessed beyond words. These were not empty tears; they were heavy with love.

I know grandma and grandpa were looking down at us yesterday. They were wiping the tears of their children who will always want more time, They were laughing at the great-grandkids playing in the pews. They were at the cemetery feeling honored. They were proud of their family all gathered together as one and all there out of love. We filled pews and pews of the church yesterday in remembrance, “all because two people fell in love”.


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