Boston Bound in July

ecb50e9e92bf8a3c1be9ed78467303f7Watching our summer calendar fill up had me in a slight panic. As excited as I am about many of the events on our summer schedule, I had my heart set on a trip. It was time to get serious and book.

With Boston on our minds, we knew planning would take some coordinating since we want to see a Red Sox game while we’re out. We ended up booking for July, and we’ll see the Red Sox battle the White Sox in a night game. Our tickets arrived in the mail this week!

I have many historical sights on our to-do list (Kennedy museum, Freedom Trail, Harvard…etc.) in addition to the Sam Adam’s Brewery. Most of all, I just can’t wait to be in the city sipping on Dunkin Donuts coffee and hoping to spy Ben Affleck.

Do you have anything we need to add to our “must-do” list?


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