Aunt Kellie

I’ve been holding my excitement in until my brother and sister spread their good news, but I’m finally blogging about their baby. Anticipated arrival at the end of September.

They told us in March with St. Patrick’s Day cookies. How fitting for this Irish bundle of joy!

20140415-152553.jpgThese two will be incredible parents! I look at certain people and can see their parenting instincts immediately. Maybe that maternal instinct is the reason Ashley is a pediatric nurse, but she was born to be a mother. Add understanding, patient, determined, and compassionate to the fact that she has the biggest heart and baby M. doesn’t know how lucky he/she is…yet! Tony will be the practical one who disciplines, and I’m secretly hoping it’s a girl who just melts his heart.

As we came home from an evening out with Tony and Ashley last week, John said, “Our Bill’s nights are going to come to and end, you know.” Since it’s probably not acceptable to bring baby M. out for Guinness, we’ll just be moving the party elsewhere come September. All cheers here! We already love baby M!


4 thoughts on “Aunt Kellie

  1. Awwww 🙂 FYI…our neighbor already offered to babysit for Bills night. Plus, I’ve talked to Kevin and he’s cool with having a baby in the bar 😉

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