20140413-144545.jpgFriday night brought Blue Moons and Guinness with friends and family. Saturday night included church and crafting. I laugh at myself and wouldn’t change a thing about my life. It’s all about balance!

When we moved into our house, school started the next week. With teaching and taking my own classes, I wasn’t left a lot of time to complete 20140413-144551.jpghome projects. However, I’m finally finding time to put a few personal touches around our house. The first project included taking a boring bulletin board and turning it into something with personality for our home office. I love all the dark wood in our house, and I wanted the bulletin board to match. I added a border, and wah-lah!

The second project is a display for my 20140413-145131.jpgrunning medals. After admiring my collection Sunday evening, I decided there is too much hard work represented in a race medal for it to sit in a drawer. After checking out, I loved ideas but nothing was exactly what I wanted. This left John and I shopping at Menards and Michael’s yesterday to create my own. It is still drying in the garage, so you’ll have to wait for pictures…



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