Restless Legs

919984_571317036235799_1489268271_oMost runners use a tapering method three weeks before a marathon. This includes 20 miles three weeks out and fewer miles each week after. It’s the week of the marathon, and I’m done running. My legs are restless and itching for the start line. Most people want an excuse to carb up and not exercise, but I’m having a hard time sleeping. My legs ache.  Research assures me this is normal because tissues are repairing and healing. I’m using my time to stretch these muscle cramps out.

It’s been a rough week with an eye infection, two doctor’s visits, and even my first sick day of the school year. Katie said it best, “Maybe God is telling you to rest!” I’m sure she’s right! My eye is clearing up, and I should be able to wear my contacts by Sunday if my medicine keeps doing its job.

All health concerns aside, my focus is race day. The weather looks cold (38 degrees for the start). I had planned to wear a tank top and capris to run, but it looks like I’ll be adding a few layers to that outfit. I won’t complain about the cold weather after running a marathon on a 100+ degree day.

Bring on the weekend! Bring on St. Louis! Bring on 26.2 miles!


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