Marathon Week

rocknrollAt this time next week, the St. Louis Marathon will be over.

I’m feeling excited but anxious. I’m pretty nervous about the hills and running so far on pavement after a flat and soft treadmill belt all winter. I hope my excitement and adrenaline keep me from realizing the pain until many, many miles in. After eight miles this morning, my week includes only a few miles mid week, healthy meals with plenty of carbs, sleep, and a lot of water!

We’ll take off for St. Louis on Saturday morning. Thankfully I’ll see the main attractions while I’m running on Sunday. With 3,000 marathoners and 12,000 half marathoners, the race route excites me. Staring on Market Street by the Gateway Arch, striding through the brewery complex (where they suggest watching out for a few Clydesdale), running around Busch Stadium, beyond the “holy hills” and St. Xavier College Church, through miles and miles of forest parkway, beyond the Art Museum and Washington University Campus, up a few more sections of gradual hills for miles 18-20 where we begin to exit the loop and head back towards downtown for the Arch finish at 26.2.

That scenic line-up almost makes you want to sign up, doesn’t it?


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