20 Miles

20140303-195248.jpgI ran 20 miles Saturday morning. Let me be specific, I ran 20 miles Saturday on a treadmill. Everything seems impossible until you do it, right?

Three hours of running included a lot of Netflix and some fast tunes. I felt relatively well and made sure to take in calories before I needed them. I started off with ten minutes miles, not allowing myself to increase the speed too quickly. The last miles of the run were the fastest, and I think it’s my plan for the race. Negative splits allowed me to always stay mentally ahead, and I didn’t tire out too quickly.

I find it hard to believe I will have six more miles after that 20 on race day, but at least I’ll have some scenery to distract me.

There is one more 20 miler on the agenda before the race. With record cold temperatures this morning, I doubt it will occur outside. Anyone taking bets on if there will be snow on the ground for the marathon? I seem to have a gift for signing up for races in extreme conditions…


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