Marathon Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in my training has nothing to do with the physical act of running. I struggle week after week with fueling myself for the milage. There were a few days after long runs where I ate multiple dinners and even one day when I had three separate breakfasts. On two occasions now I’ve had dinner with John and made the trip to Subway just hours later because I can’t get enough to stop the starving monster in my stomach.

failureI know many people would think this was an awesome problem because it’d allow them to indulge in more sweets without the guilt, but it doesn’t work that way for a runner. Although the calories in ice cream and chips and salsa might help me consume the calories I need, my next run would feel terrible. Sometimes it feels like a lose-lose. I definitely question my sanity and if it’s worth it.

I finally found a breakfast that works for me before running double digits: two pieces of toast with jam and a banana. In addition, I eat energy chews while I’m running (every four miles or so) and even drink an entire Gatorade. I’m trying my absolute best, but I can’t stay ahead of it. It’s a daily battle that seems extra difficult this week. Only allowing myself one run this week, I’m hoping some time off allows me to refuel properly.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Challenges

  1. I drank a lot of post- workout recovery shakes after long runs when I was training for my marathon. I would drink them right after my run. These could also be a great snack. I drank ones from Advocare, which I could totally help you get or I am sure you can make them on your own too. Just an idea! Love!

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