30 Days Until Spring

20140217-192438.jpgToday was the 5th snow day of the year. (I think? Maybe I lost count!) I can’t remember a winter with so much snow. In fact, I think my mind is playing tricks on me when I look out the window and don’t see heavy flakes coming down in front of the streetlight. It just doesn’t seem to end.

Thankfully, February is over halfway through. Spring weather has to return sometime, right? While I wait, I’ll keep dreaming about our spring break trip.

Just over a month until we’re enjoying the warmth of Arizona and the relaxation of our resort. I can’t wait for a hike up the “mountain” while the sun 20140217-192445.jpglands on my cheeks followed by lounging by the lazy river. Bring on paradise!

My dad took these two photos while they were in AZ last week staying at the same resort John and I will be crashing. As if I wasn’t excited enough…

Look at those palm trees, blue, green water, and blue, blue sky!



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