Running Update

20140210-150314.jpgThe marathon is less than two months away, so a running update is overdue.

I’ve been able to keep up with the weekend milage including last weekend’s 15 miles and this past weekend’s 17 miles…on a treadmill! This marathon is already full of personal records. Before January, the longest I had ever run on a treadmill was nine miles. The mind is the most powerful tool!

I usually watch Netflix while running to distract me for the hours it takes to complete double digit milage. I’m thankful for this option since this winter would have been brutal for training. I’m longing for the first day I can run outside. With a pile of snow taller than me at the end of our driveway, it could be awhile. My mid-week runs are minimal, but I feel fine about it. Since I’ve been able to make my weekend milage, I’m not planning on changing anything. Aside from some scar tissue swelling and knee pain in the areas of my incisions, I’m really blessed with my progress. I see my doctor today, so hopefully she’s okay with a little swelling.

As¬†frustrating as it is to run slower than I did two years ago, I’m not losing the big picture. In fact, I already told John I plan to send my surgeon a photo of myself crossing the marathon finish line as a “thank you”! Slow and steady is winning completing this race!


One thought on “Running Update

  1. Millions of high-fives sent your way! My mind can’t get over two or three miles! You are awesome!!! Praying for better weather for you!!!

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