A Toast to Friendship

20140203-124310.jpgYou already know I love my job working with teens. Another blessing in my job is working with incredible professionals who loves our students like their own children and strive to get better at teaching each day. We definitely “talk shop” way too much when we’re together, but it’s a huge blessing to be surrounded by coworkers turned friends each day.

Now as much as you might think we 20140203-123935.jpgsit around at professional development meetings every other Wednesday and just catch up, it’s not true. There isn’t a lot of time to see each other during the week. Saturday was an excuse to break out of our classrooms and enjoy each other’s company. We spent the day at a local winery, Cedar Ridge, where John and I frequent in the Fall (and our anniversary last year). I’d never been there in the winter months. As much as I missed the warm temperatures, the snow covered vineyard was gorgeous in it’s own peaceful, sparkling way.

Cheers to February!


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