quotes1One year ago I was working my way up to five miles in order to run the Turkey Trot. There wasn’t much feeling below my kneecap throughout the left side of my shin, so the pain wasn’t a big problem. The dilemma came from the scar reopening after overuse. Sometimes this was just too many hours on my feet at school, and sometimes this pushing a workout too hard. I completed the Turkey Trot, slowly. I ran the entire thing but had a good amount of pain around the four and a half mile mark. Regardless, it was quite the accomplishment for my body and mind.


I took this photo the weekend of the Turkey Trot last year. Fast forward one year, and I’m in complete disbelief about my improvements. Although my dermatologist still refers to it as a “shark bite”, and my surgeon still isn’t happy with the look, I’m feeling blessed. So, so blessed! I get teary just comparing the two! The scar gets really red when I workout or drink alcohol, but it’s unbelievable how much improvement these photos document.

I can’t run to Turkey Trot this weekend because we’ll be in Milwaukee, but it doesn’t make this milestone any less important!


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