A new coat…of paint!

Remember the joys of homeownership when the snow started melting two months ago? Well, our walls are finally repaired and repainted. Since repainting our entire interior has been on the to-do list since I purchased three years ago, (where has the time gone?) this repair required decision and action.  John wanted a lighter shade for our walls, and I didn’t have much of an opinion, so we headed to Sherwin Williams and picked out a new color. As I mentioned, painting one wall in this house means painting everything. The previous owner matched it all. We’ll do the same as we cover the massive nail holes. (I’m already bookmarking new wall decorations from Pottery Barn.)

After three days with the walls torn apart and the painter going in and out, the two damaged walls are repaired. We’ll save money and paint the rest ourselves. The color change wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone besides John and me, but I love the refreshing feeling of a new coat of paint. It’s such a small and relatively cheap touch to a home, but if done correctly, it creates warmth. Now my mind is already moving into new paint colors for the upstairs bathroom, but I’ll be waiting until summer to start that project. Remember my two projects last summer? The blue garage and blue front door?


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