Make it count

I’ll be lucky if tomorrow is anything less than a 10-hour school day. I made the decision to change a number of elements to one of the courses I teach, and tomorrow I put them to the test as press day number one of the semester occurs.

With that being said, I knew today needed to include a workout that made me feel great about taking tomorrow off as a rest day. When I’m anxious, no one benefits. My solution-I’m making sure to have a jar full of patience ready for tomorrow. (We’ll see how this plays out.) John and I rode together to the gym this afternoon, and he usually lifts weights for roughly an hour. Maybe it’s my new shoes or the weight of not yet signing up for the half marathon in May on my shoulders, but I decided I better use the time to run.

Running on a treadmill is a mental activity almost more than physical. There isn’t much to look at, you aren’t actually going anywhere, and it’s hot and stuffy. At the two mile mark, I hit the wall that I knew I had to push through. At mile three, I realized maybe I should have stretched. At mile four, I figured if the girl beside me was on the treadmill before I arrived
and was still going, I could, too. Mile five I felt stiff but good (shake it out), and at mile six I just wanted to run farther than last week’s six. Seven miles! I got off the treadmill with “jello legs” at 62 minutes as John walked into the room of the gym with the treadmills. Whew! I know I made the best use of my hour, and I’m excited that I can still run seven miles. I haven’t ran that far since July! Yep, July at the Davenport BIX. I don’t intend to keep drastically increasing my milage because my fitness focus right now is more about strength. Regardless, I’m happy with the workout and the soreness in my legs. I earned tomorrow’s rest day!


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