The year in review

Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything great about the past year because it blends together. This blog has helped me cherish moments and display them because after all, they are too good not to share!

I stole this year in review idea from another blog, because it’s such a great way to look back at 2011.

The first few days of January were spent in Florida celebrating our friends’ wedding.

February included our first married Valentine’s Day with a hotel getaway weekend in Wisconsin.

March brought the exciting news of expecting parents-to-be, Stacy and Matt! As well as a month full of reasons to be Irish!

April was full of wedding showers and running challenges.

May was jam packed with reasons to celebrate! Matt’s graduation from UNI and Tony and Ashley’s wedding.

June was a rocking month with 26.2 miles and a Notre Dame Stadium finish! Sara and Mike got married, and John and I celebrated our first anniversary.

July took us to Omaha for some time away. We completed all seven miles of The BIX race in Davenport, and headed straight to Des Moines after for Lindsay and Andy’s wedding shower by the pool.

August meant my summer vacation was over and it was back to school. It also meant Happy Birthday to Seamus and Scott and Erin’s wedding.

September took us back to ND Stadium for the first game of the season. It also marks the month I made the leap to graduate classes with the goal of becoming a better teacher.

Maya McElliott arrived in October (as did Coulter Even), Lindsay’s bachelorette party was held in beautiful Galena, and Halloween allowed us to relax and enjoy some laughs.

November took us to Dubuque to celebrate Lindsay and Andy Wilkinson.

December wrapped up the year with Tony’s MBA graduation from Iowa, finally meeting baby Coulter Even in Des Moines, and lots of celebrating the holidays with family.


I don’t think I even realized until I was uploading photos how much we accomplished in 2011 with loads of fun every step of the way. I’m blessed beyond belief.


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