Christmas Cookie Date

I was exhausted Sunday night, but as I closed the lid of my laptop around 8 p.m., stuffed the project I was working on in my bag, and shuffled from the kitchen table to the living room, John suggested that we make Christmas cut-out sugar cookies, I had to laugh at his ambition. Then I joined in!

The two of us used a sugar cookie package from Betty Crocker that I’ve used many times, and although they
didn’t fulfill my chocolate craving (John doesn’t like chocolate), they’ve made a mighty delicious breakfast every morning (after my cereal, of course). They are quick and make between 2-3 dozen depending on the cut-out shape/size. Although I can’t wait to make some of these traditional Christmas recipes, this package allowed for a quick night of baking with all the elements of a Christmas atmosphere.

All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and relax a little, but who can resist a cooking date? We divided tasks, and kept each other company while the batches turned golden brown. John didĀ the dishes while IĀ applied frosting and red and green sprinkles to our cookies. It was the perfect way to end my Thanksgiving break and set aside some Christmas joy in a simple baking date.

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