Galena Getaway Continued

After the winery, we all headed back to the house we rented on Eagle Ridge. These homes are beautiful, and the countryside is breathtaking, but I can’t imagine winding around those curves in the winter. (That’s probably why most of the homeowners only live their a few months of the year.) This particular house was three bedroom, three bath, with a large living room, family room with walkout basement, a deck and a small outdoor patio. There were extra mattresses available for us to set up, a couple of great leather couches, and we were allowed to use any dishes as long as we left them in the dish washer before leaving. It was perfect for our group.

Lindsay’s mom made drunken turkey sandwiches that were incredibly flavorful! Lindsay’s sister Katie brought tasty cookies and cupcakes from a Chicago bakery. Kathleen made the spiced apple cider, and I contributed a drink I’ve been wanting to try- UV Cake Vodka. Since one of Linday’s main beverages besides Mt. Dew is Root Beer, we added the Cake Vodka to root beer for the taste of a root beer float. Success!

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Lots of food, drinks, and plenty of laughter kept us up until 3 a.m. We sipped wine around the fireplace as hip hop music filled the silent moments. We were all pretty shocked we “made it” until midnight, and as people started to sneak away to get some shut eye, the rest of us lasted a few more hours. (That 7 a.m. wake up call was rough.)

As much as I had been looking forward to this weekend, the only reason I wasn’t sad to leave is because I’ll see everyone again in four weeks for the wedding. And, as tired as I am, the getaway was just what I needed. I love those girls!


4 thoughts on “Galena Getaway Continued

  1. Looks like a great time, Kel! I’m so glad you were able to get away and relax—what better way to relax and rejuvenate then with great company 🙂

  2. It was a great weekend, and everthing I could have asked for!! Great company, food, and a beautiful fall weekend. Thanks for posting, and for making it so special!!

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