Galena Wine and Cheese Tour

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Linday’s bachelorette party was definitely a success. With a great turnout, great weather, and even a great learning experience, it fit Lindsay perfectly. We started the afternoon out at the winery. While I assumed we’d be in the downtown area of Galena, this tour was actually at the wine farm. With both vineyards and cornfields surrounding us, the scenery was picture perfect and quite peaceful.

The tour included a tasting and cheese and chocolate pairing. I assumed we’d get a taste of each wine. Wrong. We received about half a glass of each featured wine. This included between 8 and 10 flavors. If you didn’t like that particular wine, there was a jug on the table for you dump your glass out and wait for the next flavor. They had a bubbly cranberry that was my favorite.

The entire tour lasted about an hour and half before we headed inside to purchase a few bottles to take home. After that, we were off to our rented house on Eagle Ridge. Tune in for those fun and crazy bachelorette photos tomorrow. (This girl has to get back to grading.)



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