New Netflix Favorite

8575e89d50d8e38ff6f6f7658f568a6bPrison Break was on TV from 2005-2009.

After House of Cards and Scandal, it seems I can’t get enough government conspiracy. This show follows Michael and Lincoln, two brothers in a Chicago prison, one on death row. Involved in a political scandal, Lincoln only has one month to prove his innocence before being walked to the electric chair. His brother Michael is his only hope for freedom, but the intensity of the prison creates obstacle after obstacle.

Action packed enough to keep John’s attention, we watch this show together. Neither of us are sure how we missed it almost a decade ago.


Hoist It Up

photo-7Since I didn’t know a thing about these devices before we purchased the Jeep, I thought I’d enlighten the rest of the blog world. John’s Jeep is a three-piece hard-top. This means there are three pieces that can be removed. The front two are fairly light and it’s safe to drive around with just those two off. In addition, you can take the back off, but it’s ridiculously heavy. This is where the purchase of a Jeep hoist was necessary. It took my cousin and John a few hours to get everything assembled, but now it only takes minutes to hook, pull, and secure. Not to mention, it’s stored out of the way. All four doors also have the ability to come off. It still catches me off guard to enter the garage and find a portion of John’s vehicle hanging from the ceiling.


Beyonce and Jay Z

Two and a half hours of non-stop Beyonce and Jay Z. They covered forty-two songs. Singing a few songs together here and there before one would take off for a costume change, it was the best entertainment I’ve ever seen. They ended the night at a smaller stage in the center of the arena singing Young Forever while highlights of their life together, including their wedding and home videos of Blue Ivy played on the large stage screens.

I had high expectations for Jay Z, and he surpassed them. His energy was not something I expected. He engaged the crowd and carried the enthusiasm. Beyonce seemed to stick to her script but her vocals combined with those dance moves didn’t need anything else. The talent of these two is out of this world.

Our seats were high, but you have to watch the videos just to hear the incredible vocals in this duo. We didn’t find out until the next day that we were in good company with the First Lady and two daughters in attendance. Nothing but love for Bey and Jay.

Two-Year Post Op

Days after surgery One year post op Two years post op

Days after surgery
One year post op
Two years post op

Yesterday marked two years post operation. Those of you who have been reading this know the physical and mental progress of the last two years. In addition, this picture speaks volumes. I was blessed with the best surgeon and the best care. This picture continues to give me strength to get through absolutely anything.

With a little help, prayers, and time, the bad heals and the good is stronger than ever.

We Were Liars

16143347“There is not even a Scrabble word for how I’m feeling right now.”

“…if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.”

I don’t want to proclaim how much I liked this book or how it made my head spin because sometimes too much hype is the devil of a great book.

Read it. We’ll meet after and discuss.

My Name is…

20140721-100139-36099915.jpgKIIIIIIIIIID. Kid Rock!

I was laughing through most of the first song because I couldn’t believe we were really seeing Kid Rock at a small town county fair. He made it very clear there was no such thing as the PG13 version of his concert. From his vulgar lyrics to his scratching on the turntable, I’m not sure Jones County knew what they sign up for with Kid Rock.

No need to worry, though. He rocked 20140721-100144-36104042.jpgthe crowd for 90-minutes with dance moves and fireworks. John told me I “totally underestimated his love for Kid Rock!” Needless to say, he loved it.

As for Tony and Ashley, “baby M” picked a pretty great first rock concert. And if these parents have a concert-loving child, you can count on Uncle John to embrace all music love with your child. “Bawitdaba!”




SongzaIf you’re still using Pandora, you’re wasting your time with commericals. Songza is a free, commercial-free app. While Pandora plays songs based on specified artists, Songza aims for genres of music based on your mood and activity.

Once you picked what you’re doing (Waking up Happy, Drinking Gourmet Coffee, Working Out…etc.) it takes you through a few more music preferences (country, rap, pop…etc.) and then creates commercial-free listening for hours on end. Who know how long this app will be commercial-free, but I was getting tired of Pandora’s increasing amount of interruptions.